Western Arizona REALTOR® Data Exchange, Inc.


Join the regional MLS of Western Arizona and have access to approximately 12,000 listings. Go to your association of choice and they will sign you up. You must sign a new agreement every time you move offices or change your name or member status with NAR. Designated Realtor brokers who do not belong to the Bullhead City, Kingman or Lake Havasu Association of REALTORS need to call WARDEX directly at 928-704-2800 or email support@wardex.net to receive the forms.


Affiliated association MLS Participant $300

Non-member MLS only Participant $300

Licensed MLS subscriber $300

Licensed admin $300

Unlicensed admin $200 and Personal assistants $200.

There is a $50 processing fee for everyone who joins or rejoins regardless of the proration.

All licensed agents working for a Participating Broker from our core associations, Bullhead City, and Kingman  must join the MLS.

Through NAR's Board of Choice an agent not belonging to one of the above associations (non-member MLS only) may join the MLS only if their Realtor Broker has joined.

Dues proration for users paying $300

July 1 - September 30 $300

October 1 - December 31 $225

January 1 - March 30 $150

April 1 - June 30 $75

TEMPORARY ACCESS - must be a qualified Participant or Certified Appraiser. Two month maximum access.

1 month $59

2 months 117

Credit/debit card processing fee will be assessed for each member participant and each subscriber including temporary access and non-member participant and per non-member certified appraiser when using a card.



PERSONAL ASSISTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the Authorization for Unlicensed Personal Assistant form along with a New User Activation form and fax or email them to WARDEX. It becomes effective upon receipt of the $200 or prorated (quarterly) MLS fee. Complete one form per unlicensed assistant. 

NEW TEAM and/or NEW TEAM MEMBERS INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the Authorization for New Team/Team Members form along with a New User Activation form (for the formation of new Teams only) and fax or email them to WARDEX.

ALIAS INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the Authorization for Alias Access to allow a licensed personal assistant or a co-listing agent to have access to your InnoVia site. By consenting to an alias you are allowing the alias to act on your behalf and perform such tasks as edit listings. Complete one form per alias.



All waivers require a fee and WARDEX approval.

a waiver is to be used for exclusive property managers to opt out of the MLS system . This user will be entered and then placed inactive in the system. Property managers working under a WARDEX Participant (designated broker) who also list and sell property can not be waived out of the MLS system.

TheRE IS A waiver for short term military or medical conditions which prevent an active REALTOR working under a WARDEX Participant (designated broker) from conducting business.This user will be entered and then placed inactive in the system.

There is a waiver for section 6.2 exemptions:

The Participant of WARDEX shall be exempt from payment of service fees for any licensed individual who is employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor with the Participant, who is engaged solely and exclusively in a specialty of real estate business separate and apart from listing, selling, renting or appraising the type of properties which are required to be filed with the Service per Section 6.2 of the WARDEX Rules & Regulations. This user will be entered and then placed inactive in the system.

Forms may be found by calling the WARDEX office at 928-704-2800
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