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Internet Explorer/Browser Tips

IE = Internet Explorer FF = Firefox V = Vista

4/22/2010 Browse More Efficiently. Please make sure you are viewing the most current version of the Innovia system when you are in the site. To do so, please
complete the following:

At the top of your screen click on VIEW, TOOLBARS and if you
have a google, yahoo, aol, or msn toolbar remove them. Do so
by going to the START button in the bottom left corner of your

Clear cache:
override automatic cookie handling, first and third party
cookies accepted, and always
allow session cookies is checked. Click Ok.
2. Then go to your GENERAL TAB, SETTINGS BUTTON (under
browsing history or
temporary internet files).
3. Make sure every time I visit the webpage is checked and
disk space is no
more than 250.
4. Click ok.
5. Then go back to your GENERAL TAB and click on delete and
delete your
6. Click close.
7. Then OK if APPLY is not there.

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer (the blue "e") and
typing in the complete web address in the address bar to get
to the page. Once you on the Innovia page, click on the
browser optimizer to the left of the login boxes. Install
that if you have not already done so. Click on anything that
says "Fix."

6/12/09 Spyware/Adware. It is very importand that you have programs such as Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware, free downloads, that you can run weekly to check for spyware/malware/adware detection and removal.

Spyware is software which installs itself in your computer, without your knowledge, to collect data about you, browsing habits and your computer. The spyware can stop your ability to print, cause program problems, make your system and InnoVia run slow, shut down your virus protection software leaving you vulnerable to trojans and viruses and eventually shut down your internet access.

Adware is software which displays ads such as banner and pop up ads that can interfere with the running of your computer.

These invasive softwares commonly piggyback onto other programs without your knowledge. Go to malwarebytes.com and lavasoft.com for free downloads.

IE: 5/11/09 Internet Explorer 8 The Marketlinx Innovia team is pleased to announce we have concluded testing of Internet Explorer 8 with Innovia. We have addressed any and all issues and are happy to begin supporting this latest release. As always we will only be supporting the last two versions of IE (version 7 & 8), and will discontinue the support of IE6 after June 12th.

IE: 4/15/2009 Certificate of Authenticity Notice. When accessing wireless InnoVia on their Blackberry, an agent received a notice that the certificate had expired. There's an option under the tools menu for IE under the advanced tab that says "Check for server certificate revocation". Since this is on a Blackberry, I'm not sure if the user has the ability to get to it and uncheck it. If you are also experiencing this message you might want to contact your service provider and see if they know how to fix it for your particular phone. We have not heard of any messages with the Treo or iphone.

IE: 10/23/2008 Some Innovia users have begun to download and use the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 available on the Microsoft website. Please be aware that the BETA version of Internet Explorer 8 is not tested and authorized to be used with Innovia.. When IE 8 is released, Innovia will be compatible at that time. For optimal use please use Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox(VER 2-3x)

Marketlinx Support


Go to tools in the Internet Explorer toolbar. Go to Internet Options. Under browsing history, click delete. This takes you to a new menu. Delete the first three options, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History. Close the box and click OK at the bottom of the Internet Options box. This corrects most problems.

IE: Have you gotton the message "Do you want allow access to the clipboard?", have you been unable to use the "used checked" button, or been unable to get your inventory to switch to a different display?

Here`s a scenario: If you checked off listings from your inventory, clicked use checked and then regroup and got the message "Do you want allow access to the clipboard?", the regrouped list was opening directly behind the checked window, so it appears to freeze everything as it won`t let you continue until you say "allow".

Solution: Turn this prompt off by going to Internet options>Security>Internet zone>Custom Level>under Scripting, enable "Allow programmatic clipboard access".

System users have asked us why we need to make these settings in our computer and why can`t InnoVia be programmed to compensate for the Internet Explorer options. One reason is that the settings in Explorer are global and you may prefer or require different settings for other applications. Also, many users are using different operating systems and not all setting will be the same.


We have had inquiries regarding the WARDEX log in and how you can have your password saved so you do not have to enter it each time. We recommend you do not do this on a public or office computer for security reasons. From Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet options>Content. At autocomplete click settings. Check "Usernames and passwords" on the next screen. You must have the "Prompt" checked when you do this. You may go back and uncheck the "Prompt" for future applications. After you enter your user name (tab) enter password (tab) the prompt box will pop up and select yes. In the future you will need to enter your user name and you must hit the tab button for the password to be recognized.


We have had many inquiries regarding the security of the InnoVia site. The site starts with https instead of the traditional http, along with a padlock symbol which indicates that the agent is on a secure website. This is the same security that banks and online merchants use. The following are the 2 main security messages and how to get rid of them.

1. "This page contains both secure & non-secure items." Go to TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS and click on the security tab. Click on the globe (INTERNET) and then select CUSTOM LEVEL. Scroll down about halfway to "DISPLAY MIXED CONTENT" change this from "PROMPT" to "ENABLE". Then "OK", "YES" and then "OK".

2. When moving to & from a secure website, depending on the users` settings, some agents may see a security message advising them of this. To prevent seeing this message go to TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS and then click on the ADVANCED TAB. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the box next to "Warn if changing between secure & non secure mode." Click "OK" and that should be that.


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