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Tour of Homes/Open House

InnoVia has added a new feature to our MLS system. They have consolidated the agent Tour of Homes with the new Public Open House into one easy to use system.

There are two ways to add a Tour or Open House. After a new listing is added and saved a screen will appear where you can add these. This is the same screen that has the link to check and modify if needed the location of your listing on the Bing map. If you want to add a Tour or Open House later go to MAINTENANCE>Open House, enter your MLS#, address, board etc. and click on search. A map with your results will appear. Click on the big blue arrow to add, edit or delete a Tour or Open house. Be sure to select Public Open House or Tour of Homes under the TYPE.

Public open houses will automatically be sent to realtor.com for all prospective buyers. You can choose to send your Tour or Open House to social media and/or facebook. facebook has a separate link due to their restictive policy on advertising. Listings will be routed to the proper facebook page.

To find homes on Tour or Open Houses go to SEARCH>Open House 2.0, enter your criteria, select a TYPE and click on search. When the results appear click on the big blue arrow to see Remarks, Directions, Flyer etc. COMING SOON: drag and drop results to put them in the order of your choice eliminating the old "cut and paste".

This feature and the changes to our previous Tour of Homes was added to all InnoVia systems as part of the base product and not as a result of a request from the WARDEX Board of Directors.

As with all new features and changes there is a learning curve. One you have learned this feature you will see the benefit over the previous way of doing it and look at it as one more tool to help you with your business.


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